Pairing Party- A Tiziano Tasting

Pairing Party- A Tiziano Tasting


Whether you’re starting the night off with a little pre-game, or want it to be the main event- A Pairing Party is a tasty (and affordable) way to bring a night out to a fun night in!

What you’ll need:Pairing Party

  • Tiziano Pinot Grigio
  • Tiziano Prosecco
  • Tiziano Chianti
  • Something Salty
  • Something Sweet
  • Something Savory



Check out these Tiziano tips for a perfect pairing party:

1. Mix it Up – Bringing a variety of wines to the table will allow you to get more creative with the food menu. Chianti, Pinot Grigio, and Prosecco all have their own unique tastes, styles, and aromas.

2. Make it Mini! –  Mini bites are always a party favoriteespecially when you want your guests to try everything!

3. Plan to Pair – Make sure the bites on your menu each have a wine pair.  Wine has the wonderful ability to compliment the tastes of certain foods.

Pinot Grigio Pair

The saltiness of the bacon in these mini BLT’s make them a perfect pair for Pinot Grigio.

Chianti Pair

The full-bodied Chianti needs something just as bold to match- like a red sauce.

Prosecco Pair

The sweeter the treat the better when drinking this sparkling wine!

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