DIY: Floral Arrangement

DIY: Floral Arrangement


DIY: Floral Arrangement in 6 easy steps!

Summer is right around the corner – and with it plenty of summer parties to attend! Instead of showing up with the typical gift for the lovely host, why not create a beautiful flower bouquet and top it off with a bottle of Tiziano! Your DIY floral arrangement will not only be meaningful but will last for several days and smell delicious. Here’s how to make your very own floral arrangement.

  1. Start with separating each flower and laying out next to each other. This helps in seeing how much you have to work with.flowers individually laid out
  2. Cut the stems of each flower on an angle, be sure to dip the newly cut ends into water so they stay hydrated while you’re working on putting together your DIY bouquet.trimming flower stems
  3. Begin with your larger flowers. Since I chose hydrangeas in blue and white, I placed each flower next to each other and alternated the colors.blue and white hydrangeas
  4. Next, place each individual stem of the red flower (of your choice) within the crevices of your larger flowers. Make sure to spread them throughout the bouquet. By spreading your second flower throughout the bouquet, It begins to form a circular arrangement and will make it seem larger.
  5. I always like to use baby’s breath to fill and finish a floral arrangement. While you can use the baby’s breath to continue to fill within the bouquet, I also like to use it as a border and place around the main flowers.
  6. Lastly, take a rubber band and tie the top of the stems (where the flowers all meet) tightly. This will help secure the bouquet.securing a bouquet

Now it’s up to you if you’d like to splurge a bit and purchase a pretty vase to go along with your  floral arrangement. If not, you can also wrap with the bouquet in large paper, newspaper or if you have a child, borrow some of their craft paper! Add your bottle of Tiziano Wine and you’ve got the best hostess gift – not to mention, it’s a great last minute hostess gift as well and under $30! DIY floral arrangement Content contributed by: Karina Lyn Lopez at KC You There


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