5 Gifts for the Wine-Loving Mom on Mother’s Day

5 Gifts for the Wine-Loving Mom on Mother’s Day



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With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’ve put together a list of 5 gifts for the wine loving Mom in your life. Let’s be honest, Mom will always appreciate flowers and a day at the spa, but when it comes down to it, a bottle of Tiziano Wine and accessories to match will always win her over!

Corkcicle Air wine stopper and chiller


Keep Mom’s bottle of wine cool! This Corkcicle Air not only acts as a cork topper, it also works as a pourer, aerator and reusable freezegelchiller in one! All she’ll have to do is freeze the corkcicle air prior to using and then place in the bottle after she’s poured her first glass. Once she’s ready to pour her second glass, the wine will make its way through the open cork! Buy Here

Wine Pears wine chilling orbs



Opt for Pearls (instead of ice)! If Mom just wants to enjoy a glass of wine, these stainless steel orbs known as Pearls will act like ice cubes  minus the diluting and altering affects of melted water. Similar to the corkcicle, all she’ll have to do is place the set of 4 round chillers into the freezer and when she’s ready for her glass of wine or cocktail, place the chillers into her glass! It’s that easy. Buy Here

wine carafe holder


Turn Mom into a sommelier with this Wine Character Arc! If she can’t decide which wine she’d like for the evening, why not give her the option of tasting them all? This wine flight not only works as a great gift, but Mom will be able to use it while entertaining a friend or husband. She can host blind taste test or simply have a relaxing night in with 4 styles of wine and cheese pairings to match. On top of it all, the wine arc base is created from a retired French oak or Bordeaux wine barrel. Buy Here

Electric Wine Opener


Don’t make her work for it! Treat Mom to an electric wine opener. With the touch of a button, she’ll  be able to entertain effortlessly. When the Oster electric wine opener is fully charged, she can easily open up to 30 bottles of wine, making her the hostess with the mostess. This electric wine opener will look sleek sitting atop a counter or bar cart and offers a compact recharging base or cordless operation. Buy Here

Chalk Board Personalizing Wine Charms



Whether Mom is entertaining for a group or just a friend, these chalkboard wine charms will totally come in handy. Mark & Graham understand the struggle of losing your glass at a gathering. They’ve created these adorable chalkboard wine charms to avoid future mishaps of “was this my drink?” Mom will be able to set out these wine charms with a piece of chalk to make sure guests can personalize their drinks in style. Now these are useful wine glass décor! Buy Here

…and don’t forget the Tiziano!

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This article was contributed by Karina Lopez. For more info check out KC You There.

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